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supporting the primary school in the village of cruz de ayapan

Over the past few years, Kato’ ki has provided support to the primary school in the village of Cruz de Ayapan. Modest financial amounts, fundraised primarily among family and friends, have contributed to the building of an additional and much-needed classroom for the children and for buying natural gas stoves that are now used to cook breakfast meals for the children. Burning firewood is now no longer needed to cook breakfast for the children.

Over the last few years due to the consequences of climate change, there is less rainfall and increased temperature in the community of Cruz de Ayapan. Water wells and streams are drying up. Parents of the children attending the primary school have been asked to contribute financial support to buy water so that the children have water to drink, water for cooking and for flushing the toilets at the school.  

This year Kato’ ki is fundraising with the aim of addressing some of the water shortage challenges faced by the school as a result of climate change. The money raised will go toward buying drinking water for the children and/or building one or two composting toilets.

You can support this fundraising drive by buying cards, which have been produced by using photographs of the scenery and people of Patzun taken in previous visits.


The following is one of the four cards that you can buy. There are four different cards.

card picture.jpg
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