el Cojobal

Over various years we brought soccer supplies such as balls, cleats, and jerseys to many of the villages around Patzun, including the village of El Cojobal. As the years went on we brought down financial support rather than supplies.

One year we supported the acquisition and installation of new soccer goalposts. This small project was truly a community effort; adults and children got involved.

The man pictured below, Ismael Marroquin, is the owner of the land the Cojobal soccer field is located on. He donated it to the local community as a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves, not only for soccer. He had lived in the city of Guatemala for 50 years before returning to Cojobal, his birthplace, a few years back and has been an active member of the community.


We shared a drink with Mr. Ismael after setting up the nets and he agreed to let us tell his story and photograph him.

Children in Cojobal with Kieran and Manuel

New goal posts on a big truck navigating through narrow streets of Patzun

and the game was on

Children in Cojobal with Kieran and Manuel